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The Branch Network Meeting at Prey Veng Province

Submitted by cmanetw on Wed, 19/03/2014 - 14:53

CMA conducted the Provincial Network Meeting on March 12, 2014 at Branch office of Sathapana in Prey Veng province with the total of 12 member’s participant who from 7 different MFIs (SATHAPANA, PRASAC, TPC, KREDIT, AMK, HKL and VisionFund Cambodia) and CMA. The meeting led by Mr. Khoem Sophy, Branch Manager of SATHAPANA and Chairman of CMA branch network in Prey Veng province. The meeting was discussed with below topics:

  1. Find the key issue and root cause of over indebtedness
  2. Set up the strategic plan to prevention the over-indebtedness in district & provincial level
  3. Elect a chairman of CMA branch network for new mandate of year 2014-15

The result of meeting:

  1. Found the key issues and root cause of over-indebtedness:
    • Some of MFI’s staff did not fully implement follow by credit policy and Client Protection Principle (CPP) concept.
    • The client information from CBC is not 100% reality
    • Local authorities did not inform to MFI’s staff about the client personal data’s background
    • Poor communication and Cooperation between MFI’s staff and local authorities
    • Some MFIs set high plan linked with benefits of their staff
    • Lack of tool to follow up, monitor and evaluate the process of loan disbursement
    • The client did not understand well on their obligation
    • Lack of financial Education to client including loan, saving, cash flow management.
    • Client use money for multi purposes and/or wrong objective
  2. Set up the strategic plan to prevention the over-indebtedness in districts & provincial levels:
    • `
    • Reinforce the MoU of health competition
    • Enhance the applying CPP Concept
    • Modify credit policy and product which is follow by 5Cs (Capacity, Characteristic, Collateral, Cash flow/Cash Management and Condition) & and 4Rs (Right Amount, Right Business, Right Time and Right People).
    • Build up relationship between MFI’s staff and local authorities through conducting the workshop/ meeting/event with local authority to promote microfinance products and services
    • MFIs should be review the human resource policy and procedure including staff motivation and benefits.
    • Enhance monitoring & Evaluation, and including the good governance on all actors involved in the Value Chains to be the sustainable financing system.
    • Delivery the Financial Education training to MFI’s staff and Client
  3. Elected Mr. Hong Vuthy, Branch Manager of PRASAC to be a chairman and Mr. Soy Sarom is a Vice Chairman of CMA branch network in Prey Veng province for new mandate of year 2014-15.


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