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Special Event on “Let’s talk about Over-indebtedness, Now!”

Phnom Penh Hotel

11 July 2016

For the last 5 years, Cambodia’s microfinance sector has had an annual growth rate between 35 to 55% with loan portfolio mushrooming to almost 3 billion US$ and number of clients surpassing 2 million mark by the end of 2015. This phenomenal growth has demonstrated Cambodia’s adept advancement as regional success story. However, with the majority of microfinance institutions continuing to target such high growth rates, there have been discussions on how, as a country, Cambodia is able to sustain it going forward. CMA’s leaders have called for all members and key stakeholders to be well-prepared and take a pro-active approach in the event of unlikely scenario; in particular, looking deeply into any potential over-indebtedness problem.

In this connection, CMA, in partnership with key partners and development investors, will organize a workshop entitled “Let’s Talk About Over-Indebtedness, Now” with the following main objectives:

  • To bring an “Over-Indebtedness” issue into the forefront of discussion in the space of microfinance given the current development
  • To learn from international experience in avoiding and managing a crisis; and put them in Cambodia’s context
  • To discuss healthy growth target and possible mechanism(s) to avoid potential crisis

Leaders of microfinance and banking sector, MIV and investor, government and other key stakeholders will attend this important event. Prominent experts and champions from 3E Advisory, Access Advisory, Davel & Associates, Inconfin, IFC, IMF, M-Cril, Microfinanza, MIMOSA will be speaking and contributing to making the workshop as practical, interactive and result oriented as possible.

The workshop will be held on 11 July 2016. For details program, click HERE!

Registration is by invitation and could be done through https://airtable.com/shrB4FjBm86qNdcgS!

Pre reading materials:

  1. MIMOSA – multiple borrowing and loan size
  2. MIMOSA Report  Cambodia May 2016
  3. IMF Article IV 2015  extract
  4. MF A Risky Business
  5. ten risk questions for every mfi board
  6. 111108 cfi over indebtedness in ghana jessica schicks en final
  7. Drivers of OID Cambodia
  8. Focus Note Regulatory Options to Curb Debt Stress Mar 2013



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